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Wednesday, November 20, 2019
8:00 PM
Christ and St. Stephen's Church
120 West 69th Street
New York, ny 10023
Victor Herbert Renaissance Project [View Company]
The Debutante


1914, musical comedy                
Music by Victor Herbert
Libretto by Harry B. Smith
Lyrics by Robert B. Smith
New Libretto by Alyce Mott


Victor Herbert's 1914 musical comedy.  Being engaged at birth proves awkward for Elaine, The Debutante, and Philip, as they come of age with their own exotic ideas of an ideal partner. There’s a French Marquis for her, and a French Opera Diva for him. The Debutante is set in 1914 as Cubism, Art Deco and Women’s Suffrage were racing throughout the world of art and culture.  Spice or Comfort – that’s the question as deception and mistaken identity abound when the whole lot of colorful characters attempt to sort it out in Paris. You will not want to miss what Victor Herbert does with a Cubist Opera! Come for a weird, wacky romp!

Claire Leyden (Soprano) — Elaine, the Debutante
Drew Bolander (Tenor, High Baritone) — Philip Frazer
Christoper R. Sapp (Tenor) — Larry Sheridan
Vira Slywotzky (Soprano) — Zenobia Bunker
David Seatter (Baritone) — Ezra Bunker
John Nelson (Tenor) — Godfrey Frazer
Nathan Hull (Baritone) — The Marquis de Frontenac
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